All That Glitters…

Christmas shopping this weekend, can’t wait! We put money aside from allowances every month. Who needs a dentist, optician and a hairdresser anyway, the money is paid to a family member every month (so we are not tempted to dip into it) and we take it back on the 1st December so we can go Christmas shopping. The 1st December is Sunday….

Christmas shopping without credit requires you to be a savvy shopper and learn new habits. I think that when you have a credit card you tend to focus more on the item that you are buying and not much thought goes into the cost of that item because it becomes accessible to you by just handing over a piece of plastic. ¬†We have all proved that we don’t need credit cards to survive, does it make us lesser people? Of course not, I’m sure it’s not for everybody but it will be for us. Once this is over we will get a prepaid credit card to help with our credit rating. That all hallowed credit rating that got us into trouble in the first place, the only need that I can see for us to improve our credit rating is for mortgage purposes. Our fixed rate expired two years ago and we will eventually move so need to be able to get a mortgage. Everything else we will save for. Yes we are lucky as we have a reasonable income and we will have the funds to save and budget for large purchases. It was in the news this week that there are nine million people with serious debt problems and of that 9 million 74% are unhappy, make you wonder about the other 26% that are happy with their serious debt!

Anyhoo, the mini rubies love the silly Christmas stocking presents, and we scour the 99p and pound shops to come up with ingenious ideas. Mr Ruby and I would rather spend money on the mini rubys than each other. I’ve been hand knitting cup cakes all year, they are stuffed with a scented filling and make novel presents for the family, I managed to track down some greatly reduced cake stands to place them on and if I may say so they look pretty good. I also like the idea of gifts in jars as well, you layer the jars with cake ingredients (without the eggs and butter!!) and then decorate, and the gift tag will have the cooking instructions.

All this making do and mend means I have gained some sewing skills that I didn’t know I had, nothing gets thrown away now unless it’s beyond repair. The art of darning is quite therapeutic!

One thing I do begrudge every Christmas is the cost of postage stamps, I need to get myself sorted this year and send everything out second class, I don’t need to buy cards as I grabbed some bargains at the beginning of the year, we have a franking machine at work which we can use and it works out slightly cheaper than a stamp. I don’t want to become one of these people that send a bulk merry Christmas email with an animated snow scene. I love the cards landing on the door mat every year, they all get recycled into gift tags with pinking shears (zig-zag edges) for the following year.

Take care and keep smiling

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