New Beginnings

So Mr Ruby has a new job. It is a weight off of our minds as being a contractor does come with risks. This is going to take a bit of juggling as he only needs to give one weeks notice at his current place of work and it looks like he will be starting mid December.

Our main concern is that currently he is paid weekly but the new job means he will now move to monthly pay and will miss the payroll deadline at in his new position. It will be a struggle to get through till the end of January before he receives his first salary, plus it’s a lower salary. But he gets holiday pay and sickness pay and he hasn’t had that luxury for about 5 years or so.

He called ‘SDS Towers’ yesterday to see if we could request a payment break for this month (We pay on the 25th of every month) we were dreading the response but…… apparently we’ve been paying early, the payment made on the 25th November is Decembers payment, we don’t need to make another payment until January and we can choose when in January to make that payment. That was such a relief! We have also requested a new I&E expenditure form, we estimate that our payments need to drop by about £250 per month which is about a 15% drop – fingers crossed for us please! SDS did say that they would need three months wage slips as proof of a salary drop but that is just ridiculous, how can we manage with a deficit for three months. He has his new contract and the salary is stated on there. We don’t have to send in three months proof of a salary increase so why does it apply for a decrease?

Still no news about our variation proposal that is supposed to be with us for review, still we can’t have everything can we.

The nightmare Ruby dog is poorly at the moment and has had a few trips to the vet, at first they thought he was diabetic, then they thought he had Cushings, we are now looking at Kidney disease. He was in for an ultrasound yesterday and he has one abnormally small kidney and there may be some nodular growths. He is only a small terrier and weighs about 7 kilos, but he is drinking gallons of water at the moment and his pee is almost clear, he’s peeing in his sleep as well and he hasn’t ever done that before. Our vet needs to speak to some specialists to get some advice but it looks like a biopsy of the kidney is next. We do have pet insurance, but we need to pay the bills then claim it back (my last post said that I wouldn’t ever have a credit card – this is one occasion where I wish we did have one!) We have been ok so far paying for blood and urine tests and an ultrasound but I have no idea how much a biopsy will cost. We may have to ask Mr Rubys parents for help on this occasion and pay them back from the insurance claim.

Putting the Christmas tree up this weekend to bring some Christmas joy to the house…..

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