Peace and goodwill to all!

I know that this is an IVA blog but I need to rant about something else and make as many people aware of this as I can. The nightmare Ruby dog was slowly being poisoned by a treat we were giving him that happens to be imported from China. He had developed ‘Acquired Fanconi Syndrome’ by eating dried chicken strips that we thought were a healthy option for him, but in reality we were slowly poisoning him. He spent two days in ‘dog hospital’ (it was like a Bupa hospital for pets!) and is back home now. He needs to be monitored for a while to make sure that his kidneys are functioning properly. These treats are currently banned in America and Australia, the vets are preparing a report for Defra and the nightmare Ruby dog may be used in a press release. I am so angry that these treats are readily available for unsuspecting pet owners to buy. please check the small print on the back of any packs that you may have and dispose of any that are imported from China, these are dried chicken and duck strips, they are also available wrapped around raw hide chews and sweet potato sticks. If anyone needs more info then search for Chicken jerky and Fanconi syndrome, it’s frightening and we were so lucky to have caught this before it went any further. Please pass this information onto any pet owners that you may know.

Mr Ruby leaves his current employment at the end of this week and starts his new job straight after Christmas, we haven’t had the new I&E forms through yet so as always we need to chase this one up. We have sat and worked everything out properly and we will need to reduce payments by £275, this is taking into consideration that our fuel allowance can be reduced as Mr Ruby will no longer be putting in the long commute to work. Everything seems to have gone quite smoothly so far and it’s making me nervous, still no news about the variation proposal – I sound like a stuck record now!

Christmas present shopping is all complete and within budget, just need to complete the food shopping, there are a lot of home-made goodies in the freezer, and a few ‘whoops’ luxury items also stashed away in there. Homemade luxury gravy, pancetta and chestnut butter for the sprouts is all made and frozen. Homemade Christmas pud is being fed frequently with left over port and brandy.  Aldi’s is our friend and we have just had a new store open near us and had £5 off vouchers every week for the last month so we have used the £5 vouchers to buy wine and other Christmassy items. Homemade red onion chutney and chili jam is sat in the fridge, just the sausage rolls to make now, It’s my last week at work until the 6th January, so time for a well earned rest with the family.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones and happy and peaceful Christmas, I hope that the New Year brings happiness to you all, even if it’s not a prosperous one. Speak again in 2014.

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