Highs and Lows

Happy New Year, I hope that 2014 is kind to you all.

We had a lovely peaceful and relaxed Christmas and not a credit card in sight

This New Year has got off to a bit of a mixed start in the Ruby household. Nothing too major though.

We were notified that our IVA company had been acquired by CreditFix just before Christmas. We had a letter asking us to sign that we were happy for the new company to approach creditors to agree   to raise the IP fees to 23%. The letter also stated that this will not affect our monthly payments which is correct but as we are on track to pay back 100p in the £ this will affect us. We have contacted CreditFix to ask some questions about this fee rise but they haven’t yet responded, and we haven’t yet signed the change to our agreement, however they have been very helpful in another matter….

Mr Ruby started his new job on the 6th January but had to leave his last place of employment on the 20th December so there is a shortfall in salary. Mr Ruby will not get paid now until the end of January so we are going to have to really be careful this month. We contacted CreditFix and they have agreed to give us a one month payment break so that has eased our worries – so from that perspective they have been very understanding and helpful. I think that I am worrying unnecessarily and am always expecting the worst, you do read some horror stories on the forum pages.

We are going to have to ask CreditFix about the variation to our proposal to remove the interest clause, we had just about got there with the last company and are having to ask the same questions again, we are also chasing up a new I&E form due to a salary reduction for Mr Ruby, we do have some leeway now though with the payment break.

I am having a few health issues, I was poorly at the end of 2012 beginning of 2013 and ended up with sepsis so had a long stay in hospital. I haven’t ever really felt ‘normal’ since then and have always suffered with aches, pains and fatigue since, my fingers are also painful and are starting to look disfigured, two of them are starting to bend in an odd direction and my hips and shoulders are really aching at the moment. It feels like I have run a marathon when I drag myself out of bed in the morning. Finally dragged myself off to the GP who thinks that I may have rheumatoid arthritis. I had bloods taken this morning and have x-rays and an MRI lined up. I just hope that, if it is this, it can be managed somewhat. I am only in my mid 40’s but I can’t imagine carrying on like this for the next half of my life.

So, all in all a mixed start to 2014!

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2 Responses to Highs and Lows

  1. luluj says:

    Happy new year to you and your family – not a good start to the new year for you, but here’s hoping that your husbands new employment is successful and you are soon back on track.

  2. rubyred says:

    Thanks Luluj – happy New Yew, albeit a bit late, to you and yours as well :)

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