January Blues

Well and truly settled into the January blues now – on the bright side it’s almost February, I am struggling to find something to look forward to, everything seems so bleak, I know there is an end and there are many people worse off than we are, we have food on the table, good jobs, can’t say good health though. I think that may be the root of the problem at the moment, I am just so tired all of the time. I still have a few days to wait to get the results of bloods and x-rays. I finished a 2 week course of anti inflammatories from the doctor a couple of days ago and the joint pain has gone from annoying to really painful again, I can’t sit at work for longer than 45 mins before my hips feel like they are going to explode, my hands are looking gnarled now and my fingers don’t like to type or use the mouse. I work for an excellent company and I know that I will get all the support I need if things get worse, I have worked for them for 13 years now and am lucky that I have the ability to work from home as and when I need to.

We still haven’t signed the paperwork from Creditfix and they haven’t answered our questions yet. We have taken it on ourselves to complete and send in a new I&E expenditure form to show the shortfall now Mr Ruby has a new job. There isn’t a lot of difference as we save over £90 now Mr. Ruby doesn’t have the commute. We have kept copies of all the communication sent in and will amend our standing order to the lower amount in readiness for our next payment. I am assuming that there will be no response to this communication.

An update as well on the recently poorly but very naughty ruby dog, he is finally back to normal (he will never be normal) with no lasting damage. The specialist vets in Newmarket that he spent a few days at called us recently to say that the samples sent off to America came back positive to show he was developing acquired Fanconi Syndrome. They are now preparing a press release for the Veterinary Times to warn other vets. Shame we can’t ask for royalties!

On the plus side though, nothing new has broken and nothing else has been added to the ‘needs repairing’ list so far this year!

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3 Responses to January Blues

  1. Waspy says:

    I think, after your reference to Crystal Tips I am probably in your age group, I also have a similar level of debt and looking at options, so I am finding you blog very interesting. Please keep you stories coming; your resilience and strength is inspiring.

    Just one question did you debt double as a result of the IVA?

  2. rubyred says:

    Hi Waspy – Thanks for your kind comments, oh and nice to meet you :)
    Our actual debt hasn’t doubled, we will only ever pay back to our creditors 100p in every pound that we owed, there are the IVA fees that are added but we made the time old mistake of going with the first company that we came across so the supervisors and nominees fees and all the extras plus interest added up quite quickly (£30K!), you are lucky in the fact that you have found this forum first. Our figures looked scary as when we asked for a full breakdown of money paid in and what was left to pay as the statutory interest was added on (They add the interest if you are on track to pay everything back) but we are applying to have that removed, albeit a slow process at the moment.
    I can honestly say that it is the best thing that we could do in light of the problem we had got ourselves into. Its not easy and its a bumpy road but it is a million times better than what the alternative could have been and we would have never paid the debt off by ourselves, we would have drowned way before then. Mr Ruby and I both earn a fairly comfortable wage so we didn’t go into this to have 50% or more of our debt ‘written’ off. My one piece of advice to you would be to research companies wisely – by the way I am 46 years young :)

  3. Waspy says:

    Hi Rubyread

    Not so far apart, I am 4 years older – hit the dreaded 50 last year, and still surprised the Specials aren’t number 1!

    Still looking at all options, bankruptcy rather than an IVA looks most likely – no house to protect. But I will keep reading, so please keep writing.

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