I’m still here

Well I have been quite quiet recently which is unusual for me. I do read the forum daily though :)

We have finally had a response with regards to the variation meeting we have been asking for since November 2013 to have the statutory interest clause removed, it’s only taken 5 months! We had a sort of apology and are expecting a phone call at some point today, I won’t hold my breath though but our IP has confirmed that it is with the variations team. We are still on track to conclude early, our calculations (which are probably totally out) see us finishing around June/July time, so that’s a full year early thanks to pay rises and promotions. I often wonder if we had gone it alone and had written to our creditors, asked for interest to be frozen etc, would we have done it, would we have been strict enough with ourselves to budget to such an extreme. Sometimes I think yes but I think that I am fooling myself. It’s almost like a habit now this constant looking for the cheapest deals at the supermarkets, writing meal plans every Friday, budgeting for birthdays and Christmas, nothing is ever on a whim and that has taken us a while to learn, but we did it because we had to, so no, if we had gone it alone I think we would have fallen off the wagon a few times and gone back down the slippery slope of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I’ve had some health problems and now have a long term chronic condition which was diagnosed early thanks to private healthcare through work, however the private healthcare won’t cover me now as it’s a chronic condition but at least I know where I am, I have a stick to walk with and at the age of 46 it has taken a little while for me to accept it, but it helps and that’s what is important. The company I work for has allowed me to work from home two days a week and more if I need it on a permanent basis now, so on the bright side at least we will save a little money on fuel!

Everything seems to have been running quite smoothly since the beginning of the year, apart from the naughty dog that has now started to gnaw on the living room door, I tell you, everything that needs to be replaced is because of him! He is eight now, he should be past the puppy stage! Car passed its MOT, its 12 years old now and still going strong (uh oh, that’s done it!)

I’m finding myself day dreaming a lot now, mostly about going away, nothing fancy, we used to go camping a lot but due to my health that’s no longer feasible, shame as at only a few pounds to pitch a tent for the night, it was a cheap way of getting a break, so I daydream instead.

Oh and as a side note – we had been asked to sign a variation of terms to our agreement when it moved over to Creditfix to raise the fees to 25%, I worried about this as we are on track to pay 100p in the £. We asked questions, nothing was ever answered so we didn’t sign. We emailed to say that we weren’t happy and didn’t want to agree to this change. This was a few months ago now and we haven’t had any more correspondence so I assume that us saying no is acceptable, I thought we would have a fight on our hands but (so far) it seems not.

Take care all


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