So close but yet so far….

So, here we are again, still no further forward. I’ve said this so many times but I so wish that we had found this forum first before diving straight in and contacting the first company that looked ‘ok’. But when you cannot see a way forward and someone is offering you a life line to stop you from going under you grab it, you don’t stop to consider potential consequences or look at different options, you grab that rope and you drag yourself out and feel elated.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still glad that we took this decision but how do you get across to people that they need to research different companies and read reviews, but then again who can foresee a future where the company you are originally with is sold to another who seem incapable of communicating. The letter we received when the company was first taken over included a few email addresses for queries, advice etc but we didn’t receive one response from any of these email addresses and it wasn’t until we managed to track down the IP’s email address that we actually started to receive any sort of responses. Our IP passed us onto a contact in the variations team who is trying to help us, we haven’t had good news with but at least we are conversing with someone now

Our variation request has come to a halt again, due to RBS and the offset rule, apparently they may owe us money therefore we can’t go ahead with a variation meeting, we asked if it was possible just to ask for the interest clause to be removed but again have been told that this can’t happen until the PPI/RPS issue is sorted. My main fear now is that we will now start paying the statutory interest of over 15K, if this happens will they refund any of it? Our calculations show that June’s payment will be for statutory interest as the IVA and fees, vat etc will be paid in full. ┬áThats another reason for wishing that we had understood fully the terms of the agreement and the interest clause as we could have asked for this to be removed at the very beginning, but in hindsight did we know that we would have reached 100% and this would then come into play, I don’t know….

On a brighter note I discovered a good website the other day with some frugal ideas which I am going to take up, there are a few delicious looking recipes – it’s called Mortgage free in three, there is a forum with some really good ideas that is worth a read as well, so go grab a coffee!

Mr Ruby and I took some time off of work recently and pondered some cheap days out, we ended up packing the gas stove and a picnic and drove to the coast, living in North Norfolk we have so much on our doorsteps and had a few enjoyable days feeding the ducks and watching the world go by, the only expense was the petrol but we factored that into our weeks budget and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Till next time take care all

Oh – and is it me, you can’t see the wood from the trees with all the Spam on the blogs recently!

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