They think it’s all over…….

So finally, here we are with 13 months left officially to run on our IVA jumping up and down with joy. I still don’t think that it has quite sunk in yet but we have finished paying our monthly payment!

We have paid our creditors back 100p in the pound and the IVA fees totalling over 74K – some of this was PPI but oh my, what an achievement!

Our IP has given us a three month ‘payment’ break to allow additional time to get responses back from RBS/Natwest with the offsetting issues as they have taken PPI over and above their debt, so anything coming back from them should then come back to us and our IVA will be closed.

These last few months have felt like an absolute lifetime, I have obsessed constantly over this and have felt like I have been going round in circles.

Our IP (and the variations team) was absolutely great and was on our side all the way – once we had tracked her down, found her email address then made her aware of the situation. Moral of the story is don’t always listen to the call centre staff, if they tell you something get it confirmed before believing what you are told.

What’s the first thing we are going to do? Treat our children, we haven’t told them anything yet, they know about the IVA (they are both in their 20’s) and attended uni throughout our time in the IVA so they struggled and we helped where we could but nowhere near as much as we wanted to. So we have told them that we are going to take them out for breakfast next weekend then tell them our news and take them both shopping, then I think Mr. Ruby Red and I deserve a weekend away.

This really does feel like a dream at the moment!

It hasn’t been easy but was a lifeline when we needed it. I wish every single one of you the best of luck whilst you continue on your journey. It’s a struggle but is so worth it, I know as I’ve been there!

I will continue to read the posts daily on the forum and will continue with my blog, there are bound to be things popping up and questions that I have and hopefully I will be able to offer advice to anyone who needs it, but in the mean time I’m off to put the kettle on!


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